Review: Edradour Caledonia 12

Edradour Caledonia 12
Highland, 46%, NCF. 50€ (approx. 55 freedoms)

Nose: Alcoholic. Tingling and slightly stinging. Some malt, good chunk of sherry. A good bit of oak, and some honey. Adding some water definitely opens up the nose and helps with the slightly unpleasant alcohol.

Colour: Dark amber. Uncolored according to label.

Taste: Full and heavy. Rather dry. Initially some dried or toasted fruits and more honey. Malty. Then, sherry big time. Very full-bodied. Extremely spicy, even with water.

Finish: Medium. Lots of sherry and heavy oak to the point of bitterness. Very dry.

Summary: Certainly not a bad dram, but not my cup of whisky. My first sherried whisky. Can't say that I'm too much of a fan of this, although I have no doubt that this is a quality dram. YMMV.

Score: 72/100.


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Dortmund, Germany

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